Be Save. It’s Super Easy with 5G Protective T-shirts.

Design, that protects you from 5G wavelengths.

Neon ⇓ Style

How it works?

More 5G towers means more exposure to more Electro Magnetic Radiation, which is disastrous to our Health. The design of  5G Protective T-shirts, which protects us from 5G waves is based on a well known physical phenomenon called Faraday cage. Since EMF electromagnetic waves were discovered, scientists have observed the phenomenon. Many Scientists have warned that introduction of 5G is the beginning of the destruction of the World. Тhey found, that metal-containing grid with certain cell sizes blocks waves of a certain wavelength. After that, a GeorgiaTech Research Institute made another new discovery about inks containing magnetic particles and their effect on electromagnetic waves. Based on these phenomenons we created a print design, that provides protection from 5G wavelengths. In other words, 5G Protective design contains a grid structure with a precisely defined cell size printed with ferromagnetic ink on top of colored hologram base. In conclusion, this combination of inks and structure provides protection from the wavelength on which the 5G system works.


Our Mission

In the light of the increasing spread of 5G technology, entering our lives it’s very important to maintain good health. Тhat’s why оur company’s aim is to create a  comfortable protection system in the form of casual wear. It protects the most important organs in the body and creates a sense of security. This innovative t-shirt is a great way to feel confident and relaxed every day. Dressed in a 5G Protective T-shirt you will look fashionable with the latest cyber punk style. In addition to being protected, you will shine, charged by the energy of a palette of bright colors.